Water crisis at Sriram Colony, Alwarpet

A few residents of Sriram Colony, Alwarpet haven’t been receiving metro water supply for more than a month now. The residents have now resorted to buying water to take care of their daily needs.

B. Rajeswari, the owner of Time Kids playschool says, “We haven’t been receiving metro water for more than a month now – since mid March. I first thought that the problem was unique to my school. I then asked my neighbours and was informed that they had the same problem too. I started using bore water and when my bore broke down I started buying water. I buy one full load – which is about 12000 liters per week and have bought three loads already”.

An official at Metro Water says that they have received a complaint from the residents. “We are investigating”, he says, “We should be able to solve the problem by next week”.