Free drinking water for all: An industrialist’s initiative

Water pots R. A. PuramThese earthern pots filled with pure drinking water were spotted outside industrialist Sitaram Goenka’s house at 2nd Main Road, R. A. Puram (opp. K. C. Das).

Says Sitaram, “With the sun really bearing down this summer, I decided I had to do something to quench the thirst of the people who pass by. The water I provide is free, pure and very safe to drink. While some may just want a cup or two, others may want to fill up their bottles and that is ok too. I just want them to help themselves to as much water as they need”.

Anybody can be a part of this effort, says Sitaram. “We will provide the pots and the cups only. The water must be provided by the person or organisation who wants to take this initiative forward. We have certain conditions though – the area must be easily accessible, must be shady and so on”.

Those interested can contact him at

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