Staying out of the sun, while working on the streets; a tailor’s innovation

IMG_20160511_122551482Thambirajan is a tailor – the kind who works out of a mobile tailoring unit, pedaling his services along the streets.

To enable him to continue his work even during summer, he has outfitted his mobile unit with a roof and walls. What is more, the roof even has a false ceiling – of thermocol.

‘It offers me a little bit of protection from the sun as I move around the area’, he says.

‘Some streets are very shady, like this one (he was on East Abhiramapuram 2nd Street). So, I collect the clothes to be mended from a few houses, park myself beneath a tree and work. In streets like this one, I hardly feel the sun, since there is almost a wind blowing’, he says.

“But some areas can be scorching. So that is why I put in the false ceiling. I designed the structure and had a neighbouring mechanic put it together for me’, he adds. ‘This way, rain or shine, I can keep working’.

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