Canal Bank Road rendered unusable after spells of rain

MT C B RD MESSThe poor state of Canal Bank Road, Mylapore is showing up badly after every spell of rain. The road, which lies on the western side of the Buckingham Canal, off the Saibaba Temple zone and links this area with the Nageswara Rao Park is a key link road and hence a busy one.

The heavily pot-holed road is now a scene of water-filled potholes, muddy ruts and soil-baked top as this photo shared by Sridhar Venkataraman shows.

One section of one side of this road is packed with huts that live on the Canal’s banks; the rest are packed with houses and apartments.

This morning, as school children cycled and walked to school, they had to negotiate the road carefully to avoid soiling their shoes and uniforms, said Sridhar.

Many pleas to the Chennai Corporation have been made, say residents here. Now they hope the local MLA will ensure the road is scraped and then relaid.