‘One-way’ traffic system comes into force on mada streets

Traffic Police have launched in an informal manner a ‘one-way’ traffic system on the mada streets around Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore. The system came into force on Tuesday.

It is enforced 8am to 12pm,  4pm to 8pm, daily.

Police have placed metal barriers and man the key spots on the mada streets at peak hour time.

Traffic can enter North Mada Street at the Indian Bank end and exit at the South Mada Street. The entire section here is treated as ‘one way’.

The new system is throwing up some hiccups – traffic piles up outside Bhavans in the evenings when cultural events draw a crowd here. Traffic also crawls at the Chitrakulam end, more because of the haphazard parking on the sides.

Traffic exiting South Mada Street is now not allowed a right turn into R K Mutt Road; so many motorists head across to Venkatesa Agraharam Street which is crowded in the evenings.