Police men and women patrol Marina; Sec.144 still in force

MT SEC144Police men and women continue to keep a close watch on the movement of people on the Marina after Chennai City Police promulgated Section 144 in the Marina zone, covering the area till Foreshore Estate, a order which forbids people from gathering as a group and demonstrating or  campaigning without the permit of the police.

The order is in force till Feb 12.
Walkers, runners and fitness enthusiasts have not been restrained in the mornings while groups, families and tourists can still visit and walk around the beach.
Meetings and even informal meeting in small groups is discouraged and violators will be booked.

The police force posted here on the day the law was promulgated was big and armed too but during the daytime today, only small groups of police walked up and down the beach sidewalk. Some sat inside tents set up for the Republic Day parade, protecting themselves from the harsh sun.

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