‘Cat Man’ of Mylapore; Feeds more than 60 cats everyday

Prakash. S. R., a resident of MundFeeding catsagakanni Amman Koil Street, Mylapore has been taking care of cats  in his area for more than 18 years. Rain or shine, he is there, with his bag of oats and milk to feed them.

Prakash spends about three hours everyday feeding more than 60 cats at his street, behind Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple at Luz Church Road and inside and outside Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore. And thats not all. He also takes them to the doctor if they are sick.

He says, “I used to work for the Railways. About three years ago I retired so that I could spend more time with these cats. I use most of my pension income to feed these cats”.

When he first started, he was the only one doing this but he has since been joined by several volunteers. ‘Many women have joined me in my effort”, he says, “The auto drivers at the auto stand next to the temple also contribute whenever they can’, he adds.

Once a month, he buys about 50 kilos of fruits and gives it to the cows at Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore. He has also rescued cats several times.

To contribute to this cause call him at 9884008480.

5 Comments on “‘Cat Man’ of Mylapore; Feeds more than 60 cats everyday”

  1. I got an exellent oppertunity to work along with SR Prakash in ICF for a long time. He represented ICF cricket team and he has good lot cricket fans too. He is basically an animal lover. He was having pet dogs too. He is very entertaining person always jovial and he makes his surrounding jubilient. His service towards these innocent animals is really a service towards GOD. Let the GOD bless him with much happiness.

  2. I know Prakash since 1983 when I joined ICF. Unless otherwise any unjustice happened he is a jovial and very cool person . I am very proud when he is named as CAT MAN. My best wishes to him , carry on your caring life brother .

  3. “CAT Man” is the right name for him, I am residing at luz church road. He takes care CATs like his kids, he will get angry if anyone hurts the CAT, whether holiday, rain, vardha but he always feeds at right time. God bless him.

  4. ‘Prakash uncle’ as I’ve been calling him since last 25 yrs approx- His dedication and love to all animals shows his true character as a great living being who believes in ‘live and let live’. Some people just make this world a better place. We should copy his acts as a hobby atleast. The gratitude from animals is instant!

  5. This noble man Prakash is the light house of Mylapore. His sacrifice, passion and sincerity is a breath off fresh air for fellow beings to revive love of all beings. His magnificent deed has taken Mylapore to great height in the hearts of fellow souls.

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