Panguni fest 2017: five dance recitals timed during religious events

Bharatanatyam dancers will come together to perform in an informal setting in the Sri Kapali Temple zone during the Panguni festival starting April 1. Nritya Upacharaam is curated to be part of the celebrated temple festival.

There will be five recitals of short duration, some as early as 6 a.m. and some late at night, all of them  timed to be held alongside the daily processions/rituals.

They will be held in the Sannithi Street zone.

While the recitals are being co-ordinated by Chennai-based Prayathnam, a body which has formatted the teaching and learning of Bharatanatyam, the recitals are supported by Mylapore Times newspaper and, a web site for music and dance.

Here is the schedule –

Apr   4 – Disciples of Gayathri Sasidaran – (Adhikara nandi day, just before the procession begins – about 5 am )
Apr   7 –  Disciples of Saikripa Prasanna – ( at the return of the Rishaba Vahanam nught-long procession  – about 5.30 am)
Apr   8 – Disciples of Ranganayaki Jayaraman as the Ther returns to the temple zone after the evening-long pro0cession – about 6 pm )
Apr 10 –  Senthil Kumar and Anand ( Bikshadanar day – 5.45 pm)
Apr 11 –  Disciples of Archana Mahesh (Tirukkalyanam – 9.30 pm )


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