Many thousands expected for grand arabathumoovar procession today

It is the security and crowd and traffic management which is the biggest challenge in the Sri  Kapali Temple precinct this Sunday as many thousands are expected to take part in the grand arabathumoovar procession as part of the Panguni festival that is now on at this famed temple.

This far, the police have received a pat for their smart policing. Helping them are volunteers. These have been giving women pins to pinup their gold chains to blouses or saris so that attempts at chain snatching which take place is such crowded places are discouraged.

Being a Sunday, the march of the 63 Nayanmars and the gods through the mada streets which starts at about 3 p.m. Sunday is bound to attract lots and lots of people.

The sore issue still is disposal of waste. On Saturday, East Mada Street was full of paper cups, paper plates, plastic water bottles and snacks covers, piled up at every corner.

Giri Trading store volunteers though maintained the Sannidhi Street area; even washing the 16-pillar manatapam floor.

Police have made a new arrangement for annadhanam on Sunday; to ensure food is now wasted and food stalls are regulated and wastage is cleared at once.

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