Foreshore Estate-based CIBA and FICCI host meet to talk about boosting fisheries, aquaculture

‘Revitalising fisheries and aquaculture in Tamil Nadu’ was the theme of a day-long meet that was hosted by FICCI, a national premier body which represents a huge and broad spectrum of Indian businesses and CIBA ( Central Institute of Brackish Water Aquaculture) which is based in MRC Nagar. on the edge of Adyar Creek.

Retired senior bureaucrat P. Murari, who is also adviser to the FICCI president outlined the key areas in which the fisheries business could be improved and doubled in a decade, while pointing out certain steps Tamil Nadu could take in order to improve conditions for fish farmers and boost its production and exports.

Later, the participants, mostly CIBA scientists broke into three core groups to debate and discuss three themes. A few fish farmers took part but they were about five only.

The highlights of the meet will be shared with state and central governments and other bodies with the intention of boosting fisheries.

Starkly, no senior officers of the TN Fisheries Department were seen or took part in this meet and this was seen as frustrating by others stake holders in a state which has fallen in its fish production, with neighboring AP doing very well.

CIBA scientists say that they are always sharing their knowledge with fish farmers so that the fish business grows.

They say that often, at such face to face meets, reps of large fish corporates and allied businesses and not fish farmers attend and hence the key issues are never discussed and farmers do not get to communicate or engage in debates on issue stat affect them.

CIBA, a premier institute under ICAR with Dr K. K. Vijayan is actively associated with out reach projects in the coastal region in its vicinity and in the south.

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