Brahmotsavam celebrations on at Sri Vedanta Desikar Temple

brahmotsavam at sri vedanta desikar templeIt is believed that during the brahmotsavam celebrations at a temple, Lord Brahma comes to oversee the arrangements for the presiding deity. It was probably this belief that prompted more than 500 devotees to participate in the thiruther festivities held at Sri Vedanta Desikar Temple, Mylapore on Friday, June 2.

The air was filled with the sounds of devotees and priests chanting hymns and the music played by the tavil and nadaswaram artistes. And as the elaborately decorated ther rolled forward, the men coaxed the women and children who wanted to pull the ther to join in.

When the ther stopped, the devotees rushed in with plates filled with flowers, coconuts and fruits. An offering to their favourite deity.

The festivities will be on at the temple till June 5. Look out for the Thirupaindanadu thirumanjanam and kuthirai vahanam today and Aalmel pallaku tomorrow morning.