State budgets over Rs.550 cr. to restore Adyar river in the third phase of the project

The state government has budgeted about Rs.550 crores for the next phase of the Adyar river restoration project. This was announced by the state chief minster in the Assembly the past week.

This money will be used to restore the Adyar river after the restoration of its estuary is done.

Just now, work is still on in the final stage of the work n the Foreshore Estate side of the project.  While the low lying area that harbors the water was cleaned of tons of muck, the soil on the banks restored and local species of vegetation planted, a major challenge here now in on how to restrain the huge population living in the land side in Srinivasapuram from polluting it.

Besides state-built tenements, there is a huge swathe of unorganized housing which encroaches even the estuarine areas. People here dump the waste into the water.

In the new project, plans are on to build boat jetties at a few places on the river banks, use technology to check the muck that sewers pour into the river and restrain polluters.


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