The Madras Boat Club is 150; International Regatta currently on at the club

The finals of the International Regatta, currently on at The Madras Boat Club, will take place on July 22. International rowers from UK and Europe and top rowers from India will take part in this event. The event is being hosted by the club as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations.

The celebrations started in January with the 75 th ARAE regatta where 14 clubs participated.
In February, the club hosted the Chennai inter school regatta with active participation from 14 schools.

In March, the traditional Mile race was held but renamed as the “Head of the Adyar”. The races were
hosted in four rowing categories and rolling trophies were instituted in honour of some of their
departed members who had contributed to the sport of rowing and the club.

To inculcate rowing as a sport in the minds of the youngsters, the club also hosted a summer camp in April.

The Merchants and Bankers Regatta was revived after a hiatus of 12 years and re-christened as the
Merchants, Bankers, and Clubs Regatta. The regatta witnessed enthusiastic rowers from 12
companies and city clubs training earnestly in the club. The finals of this regatta was held on June 24
with the rowers from the Madras Gymkhana Club taking the overall trophy.

The Madras Boat Club is third oldest rowing club East of the Suez Canal and the second oldest in India.
Established in 1867, MBC started on the banks of Ennore Creek. It moved to Nungambakkam Long
Tank before moving to its present location on the banks of Adyar River around 1890s. MBC has
been part of the Amateur Rowing Association of the East (ARAE) since its inception in 1934.