Ratna Cafe’s new branch in Mylapore draws foodies from all over

Foodies in south and central Chennai are flocking to the iconic restaurant chain of Triplicane Ratna Cafe which has opened in Mylapore. It is located on South Mada Street. And their posts on social media are generating lots of opinions and remarks.

The first set of guests who stepped in on Friday morning ordered what sells hot here – a breakfast of idlis and vada.

They did not have to ask for sambhar. It was poured. Ratna Cafe is known the world over for its sambhar. ( a set of idlis cost Rs.45 and medhu vadai is Rs.32 – prices which did not appeal to some diners who look for value for money food)

The hall is spacious and can accommodate over 75 people ( the cafe has come up where Geetanjali restaurant used to be on this road)

It has a counter for sweets and juices too.

The cafe also offers a menu at lunch time – mini meals at Rs.85. curd / sambhar rice at Rs.55 and vegetable biryani at Rs.90.

Mylaporeans who heard of the Ratna Cafe opening said they expected the food quality to be high and remain that way all through. Oldtimers recalled the idli-sambhar served at the Triplicane restaurant, food they would die for!

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2 Comments on “Ratna Cafe’s new branch in Mylapore draws foodies from all over”

  1. Myself Praburam, been a resident of Mylapore i saw Ratna cafe opened in South mada street. One of my life’s worst experience went inside and sat for twenty minutes without serving even a glass of water.

    They can be a famous group of hotel, doesn’t mean they have to ignore the customers. And after twenty minutes server served idly to next table who came jus five minutes back.

    No planning and worst execution. I don’t think i will again visit this place..

  2. My wife and I went to this restaurant on 12th (Saturday) at about 7-45 AM. We have visited their Thiruvallikkeni restaurant many times.

    Unfortunately, we had to wait for over 20 minutes for our order to be supplied. Every three minutes the supplier / server will come to our table and apologise for the delay with “sir, another ten minutes sir …”

    Finally, we were served, one plate of 2 idlis for each of us, with their world-famous Sambhar. We asked for one more plate each. He politely declined, Sorry Sir! However he brought one plate of 2 idlis and we shared.

    When such a famous hotel starts a new branch, that too in South Mada Street Mylapore, the management should have anticipated the crowd and be ready.

    I am positive the next time we go there, we will get idlis quickly. Thank you RATNA CAFE. We are very fond of your restaurant and your Idli Sambhar.

    All the Best to you

    By the way, I am 76 years old, and my wife is 67.

    Narayanan SA

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