Sports, games and activities for children: new at Dimensions Fitness

Dimensions fitness has recently launched Dimensions Kids, a venture promoting sports and other activities for children.
The program was launched by R. Natraj, MLA, and has since attained structure.
For Children’s Day, Dimensions has planned a week-long program where children will have the chance to use the facilities and participate in group classes for free. Various activities are being planned, for which anyone can drop in.

‘We hope that such an initiative will spark increased awareness about health among both parents and children, and allow children to explore various sports, games and activities’, says Ashok Damodaran, the man behind the venture.

Ashok says he has designed the place as a ‘health mall’. ‘There are areas where children can play different sports, can do traditional activities like kalaripayattu and much more’, he says.
Couple of events happening ahead are:
World Diabetes Day,  Zero Diabetes is conducting a free diabetic screening through out the day today.
 “Learn Music Naturally” by Ravi Daniel today at 6 p.m.
Dimensions is at No. 2 Subbaraya Avenue, C. P. Ramasamy Road. Phone: 9789939606