Monsoon: updates from Corporation, Metro Water, TANGEDCO

Chennai Corporation
An official at the Ward 126 office says the storm water drains have been desilted. All the motors used to pump out the water have been checked and the fuel needed for the motors to run have been stocked. Workers have been provided with raincoats and other equipment necessary to take care of rain related issues.
Contacts – Ward 126 – 9445190426, Ward 173 – 9445190473

Metro Water
G. M. Ramalingam, area engineer of Zone 9, says that all sewage pumping stations in Mylapore area are now running at full capacity. Manholes have been desilted and trenches have been closed. At the filling stations, residual chlorine which is maintained at 5ppm (parts per million) will be increased to 7 ppm if necessary depending on the intensity of rains. The complaint cell is open 24×7 and an area engineer will be there at night to attend to urgent issues. Super-sucker machines used to pump out stagnant waste water and sewer lorries are on standby.
Contacts – Ward 123 – 24996792, Ward 126 – 24956871 and Ward 173 – 24938658.
An official at the Luz office says that emergency cutting tools and cranes are ready in case trees fall over wires. In areas where water-logging takes place, the pillar boxes have been raised. Residents are requested not touch the switchboard in the event of a shock and call the EB office immediately. In case of a fire, residents are requested to use sand and not water to extinguish the fire. Phone lines, he says, are open 24 hours. Steps have also been taken to ensure that the power supply stays constant during the rains.
Contacts – Mylapore – 28112526, Mandaveli – 24641134, R. A. Puram – 24937383.

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