Water logging at MRC Nagar; MLA assures residents of a permanent solution

The water logging issues for the residents of MRC Nagar, R. A. Puram started on Wednesday last week. Most of the roads were flooded with more than 3 feet of water, several residents were unable to move out of their homes.

Sangeeta Ananda, a resident of Vasantha Avenue says, “On Nov 2 we lost power, and it did not come back for close to 70 hours. Though water was being pumped out, the motors were not strong enough to get all the water out. On Sunday morning, I sent pictures of the area to the MLA’s office and got a good response”.

“A little after noon, Mylapore MLA R. Nataraj visited our area with the Minister for Electricity, P. Thangamani and the Minister for Social Welfare V. Saroja. Three additional pumps were used to suck the water out and one phase was restored on Sunday evening. The MLA has assured us of a permanent solution to this problem soon”, adds Sangeeta.

The EB pillar boxes (seen in the picture) were at the ground level and partially submerged with water, says Sangeeta. “After the MLA visited the area, most of them were raised”, she adds.