Sabha’s little effort to keep its pavement clean

When the managers of Rasika Ranjani Sabha decided to address the problem of the relaid pavement alongside its campus on Sundareswarar Street being invaded by taxis and cars and used as a urinal after dark, they erected a fence.

Some Mylaporeans question this move – they say that by bounding the pavement people are prevented from using it.

The sabha’s team was quick to point out that the idea of erecting a fence was discussed with local MLA, R. Nataraj and local Chennai Corporation engineers and then executed. It also said that the fence runs along the pavement but is open at both ends so people can walk on this section of the pavement; the space has not been bounded all around.

One sabha team member also shared pictures of the state of the pavement on the opposite side – alongside the wall of Lady Sivaswamy Girls School; it is full of litter and waste and some taxis are parked on the pavement slab-stones.

For years, this street has been a parking zone for local taxi operators; their drivers and others also treat the pavement as urinals, others dump waste. And the street has always remained in darkness.


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