Remembering Carnatic music maestro M. D. Ramanathan

Mridangam artiste Bombay C. N. Balaji is hosting a ‘Remembering MDR’ day on February 25 morning at Raga Sudha hall, Luz.

The event celebrates the life and music of the Carnatic music maestro, M. D. Ramanathan.

At this event, excerpts of audio recordings of Ramanathan’s concerts will be played. Later, vidwans Prof. T. N. Krishnan and Guruvayur Dorai will share their long experiences of performing alongside MDR and interacting with him.

This event is open to all. Starts at 10 a.m.

Contact – Cell; 91-7358076730

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  1. I am writing from California, USA. I saw a news item that you are organizing MDR Day on Feb 25th. I called your # to find out more information about it. I am a rasika of MDR and would love to hear about the program and also the experience shared by Senior Musicians – TNK Sir and Dorai Sir. In fact I happen to meet TNK couple of years back when he visited bay area and gave a concert. I talked to him about MDR at tha time. I also had the opportunity to meet with VVS Sir few years back and he talked a lot about MDR and how great his music was. He simply said in one word – “That was the REAL Music”. We are today fortunate to have some recordings available of MDR online. His music is a totally different class and soothing.

    Hope we can connect sometime. My cell # is 925 667 5376


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