A rooftop garden in full bloom

The nip in the early morning air that was there a few weeks ago is no longer there. Its time for the summer blooms now.

At Srinivasa Road, Mylapore, Akhila Attili and her mother Kameswari’s gardening efforts have finally paid off. Their terrace garden is filled with the scents of roses (picture on the right) and jasmine flowers among others.

Says Akila, who has been carefully tending to her garden for more than three years, “Nithya Kalyani, arali (nerium oleander), plumeria (picture on the left), christ thorn, adenium and hibiscus are some of the other flowering plants we grow on our terrace. We also grow different varieties of keerai, karpooravalli and pirandai (veldt grape), a creeper”.