Corporation is relaying many streets in the neighbourhood

Roads are being relaid in several areas in the Mylapore neighbourhood in the past few weeks. But not all Mylaporeans are happy with the development.

This is because residents who witness civic work taking place on a few local streets wonder why equally damaged streets in the same colony are being left out.

Chennai Corporation says it has its guidelines on relaying streets / roads.┬áSaid an official of Zone 13, “We choose a road depending on the nature and extent of damage on the road. And it should have been atleast three years since the road was relaid last”.

An official at Ward 124 says that a few weeks ago, based on the damage, the local engineers submitted the names of roads that need to be repaired and relaid.

He says, “We have got the sanction for six concrete and 11 bitumen roads. The six concrete roads will be laid at Ramakrishnapuram, from the First to the Sixth Street. We have finished three roads there and hope to complete the rest soon.”

Out of the 11 bitumen roads, the official says work has been completed on Keshava Perumal West Street, V. C. Garden First Street, Alamelumangapuram, Thatchi Arunachalam Street, Lala Thottam and New Street.

Areas where streets are yet to be relaid include Madhava Perumal Koil Street, M. K. Amman Koil Street Fourth Lane, Appadurai Thottam, Nallappan Street and Sengazhuneer Pillayar Koil Street.

Out of the list submitted by local engineers, the civic body is yet to receive the sanction for 12 roads including Solaiappan Street, Mandaveli Street, Rakkiyappan Street, Nattu Subbarayan Street, Abraham Street, Adam Street, V. C. Garden Second Street, Slaterpuram and Sundara Gramani Street.

A civic agency official at Ward 124 says, “Before the roads are laid, we first make sure the potholes are filled. Concrete roads have a thickness of about three inches. Bitumen roads are laid with small fine jalli (dry aggregates) and tar, they are about 40 mm thick. This is to prevent water from getting in”.

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