Panguni fest; Police say annadhanam cannot be done on mada streets, permission to be got to hold in temple zone

Mylapore Police have asked people who wish to do anandhanam ( distribution of food/snacks) to people during the key days of the annual Panguni festival of Sri Kapali Temple to get the permit of the police and locate stalls outside the mada streets zone.

Annadhanam cannot be done on the mada streets.

This move is an effort to discourage lots of donor stalls being set up in the crowded mada streets and people from wasting food they get at the donor stalls.

Annadhanam takes place in a big way not only on the mada streets and temple zone but in colonies around the temple on the day of the arabathumoovar procession that starts after 3 p.m. Donors also offer snacks and buttermilk or water on the day of the ther procession which starts in the morning.

The Panguni fest starts on Wednesday.


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