‘One-way’ traffic system on mada streets makes life easy

The ‘one-way’ traffic system seems to be holding strong at peak hour times on Mylapore’s mada streets in the Sri Kapali Temple zone.

It is holding because of sustained patrol and manning by the Traffic Police; their vans now glide down the streets, hustling autos or bikes which block the street or try to violate the one-way system.

Even the recalcitrant hawkers have been pushed to the edge of the recently-revamped pavement and any attempt to spread further on to the street is squashed on the spot.

A simple system has been created for scooters and bikes to be parked only in certain zones on the street.

All this is allowing for smoother flow of traffic one-way, though violators continue to create blocks. However, mada streets have to have its cattle; they wander in in the evenings – nobody seems to challan them.

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