S. V. Shekher’s house stoned during protest by mediapeople

The house of actor-politician S V Shekher in Mandavelipakkam was stoned by a group of people during the course of a protest by some journalists.

This took place on Friday afternoon. The group was arrested by police and detained at a community hall. Some people at the spot said members of small political groups had joined the protest and they pelted stones.

Shekher has got himself into the middle of a controversy after he shared a Facebook post which spoke about and commented cheaply about women journalists in Tamil Nadu.

Later, he apologised for his action, sharing the apology on a letterhead. But the post was shared widely on social media.

While some people supported the mediapeople for protesting, with one TV channel saying it would boycott the BJP’s Shekher and H Raja who have made or supported derogatory remarks on women, others said violence in protests must be not be encouraged.


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