Two plays on one stage gets Augusto and team much appreciation

Everybody likes a taut play. The audience at Kartik Fine Arts’ annual Kodai Nataka Vizha did on Sunday evening at Narada Gana Sabha auditorium.

The veteran theatreperson Augusto was presenting his new play, ‘Nagamma Padasalai’  and Augusto is known for tossing crime and thrill and suspense into all his plays.

This Sunday evening, he ran two plays – parallelly on stage. One set, two designs, two set of artistes. Two stories.

One unfolded in the office of a south Tamil Nadu hotelier and the other in a senior advocate’s home. Alternatively. And both were engaging. And well acted out. And the artistes and Augusto got many many rounds of generous applause from a packed Sunday audience.

So much so that regulars in the front rows betted that Augusto and team would grab lots of prizes on June 1.

One Comment on “Two plays on one stage gets Augusto and team much appreciation”

  1. Whaaavvvv, what a chance I had, to c two plays, both in its own way unique and not linked with each other, except for our heroine Uma, who had taken two very different roles. The subtile, peaceful character in the 2nd drama, revealing love to one and all, by just forgiving everyone was so touching, the while auditorium applauded to both Uma and the script writer Mr. Augusto. Oh man, that timely lines with the right punch by Annachi, was so applauding to one and all in the theatre.

    Never to miss your Dramas dear Uma and the writer director Mr.Augusto ji. Came home with such a pleasentful feelings, seeing two dramas, like we watch in TV, changing channels, after very many years. Also it was a great pleasure in meeting old artist at the end of the play, praising all the actors in both the plays

    Thank you Uma once again for giving the chance to c.

    Ma. Arivazhagi

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