A drink for the thirsty: Shopkeeper sets up a water can at R. A. Puram

Agni Nakshatram has begun and several residents have begun to set up water cans or pots for people to stop and have a drink. One such person is Thanikachalam. Come summer, and a can of mineral water is always seen on a table outside his shoe shop, Lancer Footwear, at Third Cross Street, R. A. Puram.  And this goes on till the weather becomes more pleasant.

Says Thanikachalam humbly, “With every year, the heat increases here. People who work in the sun or need to walk or travel really need water.  Just a little something I can do to make a small difference in their lives. I’m very glad that this initiative has been a success.”

Reported by Rajeswari Rao, Intern at Mylapore Times