At Tamil drama fest, politics and hard issues get only a smart swipe

How much of pressing current issues and politics gets into Tamil plays meant for the sabha circuit? Just a bit as far as politics goes.

You get a feel of it at the annual Kodai Nataka Vizha hosted by Kartik Fine Arts at Narada Gana Sabha which came to a close on Thursday.

Everyday life issues gets a place in scripts. Loss of high-paying jobs, dreams of young children, treatment by private hospitals, space for seniors. The audience laps it up. Like they did on Wednesday evening when K. S. N. Sundar’s ‘ Manasaatchi’ was enacted by the R. S. Manohar’s NxG team.

The script was pedestrian and acting loud. But there were moments that brought applause. A play which outlines the life of a busy, senior executive who gets the pink slip out of the blue.

If playwright Augusto slipped in a comment on ‘thamarai’ as a red-black coloured jewellery box was handed over, Modi’s ‘ Make in India’ got a swipe at the ‘Manasaatchi’ play.

But that is only as far as most playwrights go.

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