Ashvita launches online sale of Madras collectibles like photos, paintings

Are you keen to bid for photos of Madras and art by the city’s master artists? Then you may want to place bids at the aution that Ashvita Fine Art (AFA), an art and culture organisation based in Chennai is holding online.

Founder Ashvin E Rajagopalan whose office is in CIT Colony says this week sees the launch of ‘as the brand takes a step towards starting a dialogue on collectibles, especially Madras memorabilia.’

To mark this launch, October 16, Ashvitas will host a panel called ‘Chennai My Passion – A Conversation On Collecting’ to celebrate the 16th anniversary.

The panel includes V. Sriram, a wellknown heritage activist, columnist and music historian with a passion for Chennai, Rohit Kashyap, a collector of vintage matchboxes spanning 180 countries for the past 30 years and Hemanth Chopra an avid collector of Madras and other vintage coins based in Chennai.

The panel will take part in a dialogue on collecting with respect to Madras memorabilia and its value in the current collectibles market.

Ashvin Rajagopalan will moderate the panel for the evening following a talk by each member of the panel on their areas of passion and expertise. Starts at 6 p.m.

RSVP at Limited seats available.

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