Metro water setting up RWH systems, desilting sewers

Metro water officials have been quite busy for a few weeks now. Rain water harvesting systems are being put in place on the streets and sewers are being desilted in preparation for the north-east monsoon which is expected to arrive by the end of this month.

An official in ward 173 says, “We have set up infiltration wells on several streets including Raja Street, Mandaveli, R. K. Nagar and Greenways Road Extension. These circular wells are about 0.8 metres in diameter. Once the digging process is complete, we close these wells with a cement slab with holes on the top. The rain water which accumulates on these roads will seep into these wells thereby improving the ground water levels”.

He continues, “We have also been desilting the sewers using the desilting machine. We are currently working on manholes at MRC Nagar, R. K. Nagar and Raja Gramani Thottam. On San Thome High Road, work is being done at night as there is too much traffic during the day. We have employed temporary workers to get this work done. The work should be completed by the end of the month”.