An initiative to create an urban forest: By NGO Thuvakkam

Thuvakkam, a Mylapore based NGO, says it has recently adopted the Miyawaki method of afforestation, founded by Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist, to create a naturally resilient forest thereby improving the green cover and air quality.

As a first initiative, the method was adopted at an educational institution in the city. According to a press release, in the first phase a deep pit is dug and allowed to dry. In the second phase, the pit is filled with one layer of compost followed by layers of manure, natural waste like bagasse, coconut shells and red sand. Saplings of native trees are then planted in the third phase with a gap of 1.5 to 2 feet between each sapling.

Local schools, colleges, industries and apartment complexes interested in creating this urban forest in their campuses can contact Krishna Kumar Suresh at 9444333624 or Joseph Alex at 9994535756.