Parish priests ask church-goers to hand over dry palms for Ash Wednesday service

March 6 is observed as Ash Wednesday by the Christians, a day that flags off the Lenten season – a season when people are asked to reflect on their short comings and slips and atone for wrongs. In the church calendar, it also marks the days of Jesus’ life leading to his death on the cross.

On Ash Wednesday, priests at local churches will apply ash on the forehead of church-goers at churches during the service – a symbolic act to remind people that they came from dust and will return to it and to begin the Lenten season.

The ash is made from blessed palms given to people on Palm Sunday, and kept at church goers’ homes through the year.

Priests at the churches in the Mylapore – San Thome areas this week, have asked their community to bring the dry palm leaves to the church so they can be burnt and ash readied.

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