Traffic to community hall in MRC Nagar causing traffic jams on main road

Traffic jams and chaos on San Thome High Road are not a recent issue.  The north end of this road clogs up when local area schools open and close for the day. Or when lorries or MTC buses park even for a minute on this road.

For some time now, the MRC Nagar end of this road ( Dr D G S Dhinakaran Road) is clogging up when cars head to the private community hall here which often hosts weddings and social functions.

On Friday evening, the traffic massed up for over an hour from about 7.30 p.m. Cars and bikes stood still from the Cathedral end to the Foreshore Estate end. So vehicles turned into Mandavelipakkam and drove either westwards or towards the Music and Arts varsity side in R. A. Puram.

There was not a single Traffic Police person in sight on this clogged road.

Later, a policeman said VIPs heading to a social function at the hall in MRC Nagar were the cause of the traffic jam.

Ramanathan Chettiar Hall has two large halls and when both are booked for weddings/receptions and the guests include VIPs like film stars and politicians, this traffic gets preference over the north-south bound vehicles on the main road.