Water supply will not be interrupted this summer, says Metro Water AE

The failure of the monsoon and rising temperatures are causing concern among residents on the issue of drinking water supply. Metro Water officials however say that the situation is under control and that supply will not be interrupted this summer. 

A. Mani, area engineer, Zone 9 says, “We are now supplying 550 million litres per day (MLD) to city residents every other day through pipelines. The supply to the Mylapore area is about 18 MLD. The same will be maintained in summer too”.

The water, he says, is being supplied from the distribution centre at MRC Nagar. “From Feb 11, we have started receiving water from the Krishna river. We are monitoring the flow and will know the exact amount of supply in a few weeks”.
He adds, “We also supplement the water supply through lorries. On an average in the city, about 400 trips are made. In the Mylapore area, about 180 trips are made”.
-Residents can consider putting up a sewage treatment plant. Several apartment complexes with 50 or more flats have implemented this successfully. Smaller complexes can consider this too.
-Damaged taps should be repaired immediately.
-Cars can be washed once or twice a week, instead of everyday.
-The water let out from filtration and RO systems can be used for wiping floors and other purposes.
Zone 9 – Area engineer – 24996796, 24995642
Ward 121 –  24981273
Ward 122 –  24356905
Ward 123 –  24996792
Ward 124 –  24983624
Ward 125 –  24670321
Ward 126 –  24956871

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