Elections 2019: booths prepared for voting day

The booths are ready, the infrastructure has been out in place, the EVMs and other accessories are in fixed and secured and the polling staff and security got in on time.

Polling booths in the Mylapore area are ready for polling to chose parliamentarians to the Lok Sabha.

A few campuses like Rani Meyyammai Girls School on R. K.Mutt Road were the core store places for all the EVMs and accessories required for this area. Today, these were moved to the local booths.

The no-go zones around each booth were marked last evening, the dividers for queues were erected, boards were also put up and now, the paper posters that list all the candidates, their symbols and parties were pasted on walls.

Police have taken position in key zones where the booths are located. Polling staff may stay in some booths if they are from outside so that they are up at 6 a.m. to prepare for Thursday’s voting day.