Honouring an Octogenarian: At Lady Sivaswami School

On March 29 evening, the staff and students of Lady Sivaswami Ayyar Girls School, Mylapore assembled at the school campus for a two fold celebration. They were there to continue their 150th year celebrations and also to mark the 80th birthday of Leela Narendran, the secretary of the school.

A guard of honour welcomed more than 350 student achievers who had brought laurels to the school at sports and inter-school competitions. Medals were given to all of them.

To celebrate Leela’s birthday, a cake was cut. A cultural programme which included a fusion dance, songs and a silambam demonstration was put up by the students.

The principal of the school Rubi Puthotta says, “Leela Narendran has been the secretary for more than a decade and she was an alumni of the school too. Members from all the four unions, the teachers union, mother union, girls union and old students union honoured her on that day”.