Kodukapuli arrives

Kodukapuli (Manila Tamarind) has made its way to the markets of Mylapore this summer. Many children have started playing their favourite games with this sweet and tangy fruit.

On April 29, a group of boys sat at the corner of the corporation ground in R.A.Puram to conduct a contest among themselves. To see who ate more kodukapalli.

“we will collect the black seeds of the fruit. And whoever has the maximum number of seeds wins,” says V.Shyam, a resident of Mandaveli.

Elsewhere at Ponambala Vathiyar Street, S.Mala, a college student was feeling nostalgic after she saw the fruits.”I was at Banglore for my studies for a few years. Now when I see the fruit, I remember how we use to play palaguzhi and make chains with these seeds.”

A few hawkers sell them alongside vepam poo in Ponambala Vathiyar Street, Mylapore. They are also available at Marina near Gandhi Statue. A handful of them cost Rs.10.