Augusto’s new Thamizh play is his 25th

Augusto is a veteran on the Thamizh theatre circuit. And his 25th play ‘Vaanavillin Ambu’ is already making an impact.

On Saturday evening, staged at the annual drama fest of Bhavans it drew a house of 80% attendance on an evening when a popular anchor and artiste Isaikavi Ramanan was hosting his show at R. R. Sabha nearby and it drew a big audience too.

Augusto’s new play, launched recently at the annual Kodai Nataka Vizha of Kartik Fine Arts has won a few prizes at that fest.

A writer and dramatist known to give some big twists in his suspense-packed plays, the new one does have crime lacing the story but dwells on  inborn and accquired talent, with the spotligbt on two school lads who are bosom friends and the circumstances that come to bear on their families.

A passionate theatre-person who also runs a optician store in Mylapore, Augusto’s plays have long runs and travel to other cities. Kartik Fine Arts will reward him for his recent popular play ‘Nagammai Patashala’ which has been staged at many places the past year.


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