Crazy Mohan: tribute meeting on June 24

A meet to pay homage to drama artiste Crazy Mohan, who passed away recently, has been organised by the City Sabhas Association and Tamil Stage Drama Producers Association on June 24 at Narada Gana Sabha, Alwarpet. The programme is titled ‘Crazy Pugazhanjali’. At 6.30 p.m.

2 Comments on “Crazy Mohan: tribute meeting on June 24”

  1. Comparing Shri CRAZY MOHAN, with KALKI is toomuch. KALKI was a geniusand wonderfulserious story writer
    and comey was only . apart of his talent. His observations as political columnist still hold relevence.
    Iam not belittling the acumen of MR MOHAN. But iam nit to justify the comparison

  2. Sri Crazy Mohan was one of the greatest humor-filled actor…both in cinema as well as in drama. He rose from drama only basically. Plus, he was a comedian, screen writer and playwright and short story writer. I appreciate him for all his contributions in the art field. And especially, my appreciations go to him that he never went into vulgar dialogues. Public did lose in the demise of Sri Mohan who was a multi-faceted personality. To find such a blend of the aforesaid qualities in one person is rare. Incidentally, I would like to make a comparison with some outstanding person in the literary/journalism field. And I mention our beloved Sri R. Krishnamurthy (called affectionately as ‘KALKI’) with a different kind of mixes. He was an humble man, devotional, reputed journalist, great story writer, wonderful novelist, good commentator to write on the performance of a musician in sabha concerts as a critic, political commentator etc. In like manner Sri Crazy Mohan carved a niche for himself. He developed some positive traits and earned the popularity. He shined as an example for many to follow to develop such abilities.

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