Happy ending to pet dog who stepped out to look around its Alwarpet neighbourhood

This is a dog’s story that had a warm ending.

On Saturday, chef and food show host Rakesh Raghunathan spotted  what looked like a Labrador in the lobby of an apartment block opposite Sri Anjaneyar Temple on Luz Church Road. He realised it was a pet dog and had obviously scooted away from his owner’s place.

So Rakesh took some pictures and posted them on his FB page. Meanwhile, a person took the dog to her residence on TTK Road so that the animal was safe and could be restored.

By then, messages flew across social media on the ‘missing and found’ dog. The buzz grew on pages that are devoted to lost / missing pets.

Later that evening, the owner of the dog was located – the animal had found the house gate on Luz Church Roasd ajar and slipped out to enjoy the world outside!

Photo: Rakesh Raghunathan