Can you donate to pay for tea for local civic workers? Community reach-out effort

All that these civic workers would like to have as they are at their morning duty is a cup of hot tea.

Dozens of workers sweep and clear waste on the main roads and streets, from about 6 a.m. – be it in Alwarpet, R. A. Puram or Mylapore.

They have been at it daily in this crisis times. They also wear masks and work in groups.

But with tea shops and snacks joints closed, they have nowhere to go when they want to refresh themselves.

Community activist Baskar Seshadri of Thiruvengadam Street this morning engaged a mobile tea seller and served cups of tea and biscuits to some 50 civic works in the Alwarpet area. He put money from his pocket.

Mylapore Times has made a small donation to Baskar to help him aid the workers for next few days but he welcomes donations from Mylaporeans and he promises to engage the tea-seller and personally manage this reach-out.

Call him at 98410 33888.

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