Groups sprinkle mix of neem, turmeric and water on local streets; as disinfectant

This Sunday morning, a bunch of young men did what a group of women have been doing for some nights in Abiramapuram.

They brought can loads of a liquid mix of neem paste, turmeric and water and sprinkled it all across three mada streets around the Sri Kapali Temple and tank, Mylapore.

The effort was led by people who work at Mami’s Mess.

In Abiramapuram, a group of women are putting their hands together to do this; they say that these traditional methods do deal with ailments and ask local people to support them. They sprinkle the water on a few streets where they reside once in three nights.

Some people who read of this on social media took objection to this effort, saying people must stay at home. Others welcome the use of traditional practices.

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