Mylapore in lockdown mode: Sunday forenoon

Mylapore shut down this Sunday in the nationwide attempt to tackle the coronavirus. Almost 100% the shut down was.

Be it in Mandaveli or Mylapore, Alwarpet or San Thome, the streets were deserted and there was a thin stream of bikes on the main roads.

The Mandaveli bus terminus was empty – no buses. A team of civic workers pumped treated liquid from a lorry to santise the spaces here used by commuters. Behind the terminus, Andi Thottam was quiet save for the buzz from TV channels put on in some blocks here. People stayed at home.

The mada streets were empty. All the restaurants were closed; not even a small tea stall open.

Save for security guards manning stores on Sannidhi Street, the area in front of the east gopuram of Sri Kapali Temple, whose gates were locked was empty.

The gates of San Thome Cathedral were locked. There was thin traffic on the road; a few food delivery boys were seen zipping.

Marina was empty too. It had been barricaded.

The fish market on Loop Road was shut down and save for some local residents who chatted under trees, people in Nochi kuppam blocks remained indoors.