This journalism professor is broadcasting local news in Thamizh. Online.

Journalism and communications professor T. Jaishakthivel is making best use of the lockdown and his skills at radio to communicate locally.

This shortwave radio fan and DXer who lives in the Mylapore neighbourhood is putting out at least three snappy news and info bulletins online, news focussed on the Mylapore area and around. These are in Thamizh.

He uses simple equipment to record and web cast the bulletins online

Jaishakthivel says he picks up information posted on the Mylapore Times web site and from known sources and broadcasts.

Here is the link –¬†–nmEr6c_NL-ca56RmjW1YGs_oIZ0Fg1A59dECnFU

Photo from file shows Jai ( extreme left) with colleagues at a radio meet at a Luz park.

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