This keerai hawker was godsend for Alwarpet resident

The woman hawker selling keerai ( greens) was godsend for Raji Muthukrishnan of Dr. C V Raman Road in Alwarpet yesterday. She had run out of vegetables.

Being home quarantined since the couple’s return from USA, and their maid ‘distanced’ from them, Raji has had to make do with what has been available.

Last morning, when she heard the cries of the keerai-seller on the road, she rushed to the balcony, dropped down a basket and money and had the greens in her hands.

By the time she turned back to thank the woman, the hawker had gone down the street. “This was really godsend,” says Raji, a senior.

Many seniors like her are looking out for help in accessing home deliveries but these are few.

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