At this neighbourhood, transformers catch fire quite often

When a transformer caught fire on 2nd Street, R. K. Nagar on April 27, the residents were not surprised. This has been happening in their locality for quite some time now.

At Thiruveedhi Amman Koil Street (West), Mandaveli, K. L. Bala, a resident and an active member of the association there (TAKSRA) says transformers catching fire have now become a common occurrence at his street too.

He says, “For two years now, we have been complaining to the TANGEDCO officials. Yes, they do come everytime we complain but only to offer a quick fix which lasts only for a few days. And that is the not only problem we have been facing. There are fluctuations in power all the time and not only in summer alone. It has been a long time since all the three phases worked in our homes”.

He adds, “We have been telling the officials to replace the old transformers and pillar boxes but that has not happened. We do plan to take up the issue with higher authorities as soon as the lockdown is lifted”.

TANGEDCO’s area engineer for ward 173 could not be reached for comments.

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