Diehard coffee drinkers have ways to source the powder. Others are on ‘instant’

So how are the die-hard coffee drinkers of Mylapore managing in times when popular coffee grinding shops and outlets of big brands are shut down and some stores sell small packs of Narasu Coffee.

Well, this community does know how to survive the hard times, or some seem to know well.

Take the case of  Sreeya Jayaraman; she has stocks for two months: “I picked it up from my usual supplier (Jeeva Coffee in Triplicane) in the second week of March. In fact I had left coffee till the end – I bought rice and all that first,” she says.

Soundararani of Alwarpet says Vimala Coffee ( R A Puram; Corporation Shopping Complex / 24936508) generally delivers at doorstep. This time, 4 days ago too he managed to bring it. I bought an extra packet. He said the police allowed the grinders to work only for 2 hrs a day and it’s difficult to meet the demand.

Rama Jayaraman says bought 2 kgs of Sarvana Coffee powder from Mylapore. She says, “We are having coffee at 4 pm every evening and enjoying it.” Happy family indeed.

Radha Vasudevan was quick on her crisis shopping, “On Tuesday the day the shut down was announced I had anticipated it and got five kilos of coffee roasted and ground at Geetha Coffee in Mylapore.” That shop is a popular one, opposite Lady Sivaswamy Ayyar Girls School.

Cothaas Coffee at the far end of South Mada Street, adjoining the Chitrakulam zone has re-opened after it got a state order to be in business but only till 1 p.m. Only coffee powder is on sale here. They suspended the filter coffee drink sale some days ago.

The not so lucky ones make do with instant coffee. As Sriram says, ” We make do with Nescafe Sunrise instant powder which you get in all stores.”

  • This story was put together from info shared by MT readers on its FB page
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