Abhiramapuram residents contribute towards masks for sanitary workers

The members of Abhiramapuram Neighbourhood Residents Association (AbhiNera) which covers Abhiramapuram 4th Street, Janaki Avenue, Krishna Avenue and Prithvi Avenue recently donated Rs. 11000 to Mylapore MLA R. Nataraj to be used towards masks for sanitary workers.

Sushi Nataraj, an active member of the association says, “We have also volunteered to get more donations if necessary through crowd funding. Our group has a little less than 200 residents. All of us have been in touch through whatsapp”.

She continues, “We have been also been posting information on quarantines in our areas on the group. More than two weeks ago, two residents who had come back from abroad were under quarantine and stickers were pasted outside their home by corporation officials. Since their mandatory quarantine period was over, their stickers have now been removed. At that time, Prithvi Avenue and a part of TTK Road, Alwarpet was blocked. But now all those road blocks have been removed”.

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