Frenzied shopping on Saturday morning as people scramble to stock up for four-day intense lockdown

If there was chaos and frenzied shopping at its worst, then it was witnessed in many parts of Mylapore on Saturday morning. And it started early too.

Hundreds of people poured out on to the streets, at local markets, stores and street shops to shop and stock for the four-day total lockdown the state announced on Friday evening.

South Mada Street and Chitrakulam zone was choc a bloc with shoppers all crowding around hawkers who had good stocks of veggies, to buy what they could at going prices.

Many wore masks but they jostled in the crowd.

The scene was no different on Bazaar Road that leads off from Kutchery Road – it being narrow the jostling by people walking here and by two wheelers was a mess.

The shoppers crowded on Mandaveli Street where a hawkers market is present as well as a line of grocery stores.

There were policemen on duty but they lost out in the scramble of shopping.

Outside many large stores in R A Puram, Abiramapuram and San Thome, people waited in queues, at least maintaining social distancing and in some stores, staff took down the orders, regulated the queue and made shopping a bit easy.

As news spread that the shops could extend business till 3 p.m. things became a tad easy on the streets.

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