Heavy rain, strong wind and rolls of thunder

The skies became dark, the wind began to blow across and there was thunder. And then it rained – from about 3.30 p.m. and many areas in Mylapore received heavy rain.

“There was rolls of thunder and the rain was steady,” said Bhanu, a college lecturer who resides in Sri Mundagakanni Amman Street. “It stopped towards 5.30 p.m.”

It was a sight to see if you were in the Marina zone as the dark clouds slowly but steadily covered the land and heavy breeze swept the place.

Even the barricades that police set up on San Thome High Road were thrown down. And big volumes of water was running into drains on San Thome High Road

Gentle rolls of thunder could be heard and then the rain came in sheets.

The police force on duty at Luz Circle had to rush for some umbrellas and get back to their posts; this being a busy junction, traffic is regulated and discouraged.

Subramaniam Seshadri from R A Puram said it rained for nearly an hour. “Steady good rains,” he posted on his FB page.

Dinesh, a resident of South Mada Street said, “Our family went to the terrace and enjoyed the rains.¬† I and my wife made paper boats with kids and played with them. It was refreshing to relive our childhood days.”

But in some areas the rain seemed thin. Baskar Seshadri said “the rainfall was not so heavy at all, just not enough but the winds were strong.” Kalyani, a resident of Luz too said that the rain was not heavy in her area. ” The atmosphere¬† was cool and pleasant. The rain was not heavy, ” she said

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