Residents of Narasimhapuram donate towards masks and provisions

Narasimhapuram is a colony of more than 60 residences sandwiched between the slum tenements of Marwadi Thottam and Visalakshi Thottam at Mylapore. The association there, Narasimhapuram Residents Association (NRA) is run by an all women team.

Deepa Chandrasekhar, an executive committee member, says, “The residents here contributed Rs. 11500 which was used towards masks and provisions. Our area conservancy staff Ammu and Vasudevan, the security guard for our colony, were given cash rewards”.

She says the office bearers have been diligently ensuring that residents follow all protocols of social distancing. “The colony has single entrance which has a entry gate. Since the announcement of the┬álock down, this gate has been closed 24/7 and the security guard has been instructed to┬ápermit only colony vehicles (identified by NRA stickers). Residents have been requested to avoid entertaining relatives and friends and if the security alerts office bearers of any outside vehicles to any household, the resident is immediately contacted and the needful done. With the help of Mylapore MLA R. Nataraj and the corporation AE, the colony was disinfected recently (seen in the picture)”.

She adds, “Most of the residents have asked their maids and support staff to go on leave while
paying their salaries. Residents have been regularly sharing informative forwards, songs, recordings of personal performances through Whatsapp as a means of entertaining fellow residents during the time of lock down”.

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